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How to Care for Unworthiness & Invisibility

Many people feel not enough and too much at times. This can be a normal way of being for many of us who live in a society designed to make us feel this way for us to feed into the systems of oppression that are the foundation of the land called the United States. How… Continue reading How to Care for Unworthiness & Invisibility

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you are precious — reflections & experiential practice

image by @mahkeo"All my life I thought there was something wrong with me." These were the dying words of someone's beloved. I heard this shared in a dharma talk by Buddhist teacher Tara Brach. Those words landed deeply in my body with a lingering pause and wonder.What did that person realize in those last moments… Continue reading you are precious — reflections & experiential practice

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watch me bloom

  I want to move in the direction of my fears. I want to fully speak my truth. I want to speak up against injustice regardless of the risks. I used to leave countless words unsaid out of fear, worry, doubt, and to protect myself. Life is too short to say silent though. And as… Continue reading watch me bloom