Offerings include:

    • Embodied Practices
      • Yoga (pranayama, mantra, meditation, chair, flow, gentle, restorative)
      • Qigong (moving meditation elemental flow)
      • Intuitive Movement (moving in a way that honors the needs and present experience of the body)
      • Embodied Play (intuitive movement, creative expression, mindfulness, dialogue, music)
      • Mindfulness Meditation (an emphasis on grounding, recognizing, allowing, befriending, and offering care, compassion, joy, and harmony to the body-heart-mind)
      • Dharma Reflections (primarily drawing from Insight Meditation with influences from Zen Buddhism)
      • Video Library of Embodied Practices
    • Writings: Poetry, Embodied Radical Care, & Justice Posts
    • Health Justice Advocacy: Training and consulting services available for communities and organizations; resources and education materials are regularly updated
    • Guidance on bringing mindfulness, compassion, and body-heart-mind practices into daily life to navigate stress, grief, loneliness, sadness, fear, shame, perfectionism, reactivity, and anger as well as to support well-being.
    • Instruction on integrating somatic anti-racism and anti-oppression practices in daily life as well as co-creation of forms of care for wounds associated with collective, intergenerational, race- and oppression-based trauma.


Schedule Consultation Visit


Lissa is available to offer coaching, psychotherapy, mental health medication monitoring, and meditation/movement guidance via secure video sessions presently.

Limited in-person sessions may become available in Central New Jersey on the unceded land of the Munsee Lenape in the future.

Please request a complementary video consultation meeting if you are interested in engaging in care.


Practice with Lissa. Embodiment: Yoga. Qigong. Intuitive Movement. Meditation. Dharma.

Upcoming Community Offerings:

*IMS Metta Retreat April 2nd-9th (Lissa will offer mindful movement)

*Garrison BIPOC Retreat May 16-21 (Lissa will offer mindful movement)

*IMS Experienced BIPOC Retreat June 15-23 (Lissa will offer mindful movement)

*IMS Young Adult Retreat July 26-Aug 2nd (Lissa will offer mindful movement)

*New York Insight POC Sangha Sept 18th, 7-8:30p EST (online)

*BCBS Sacred Justice Retreat Nov 3-6 (Lissa will offer mindful movement)

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