Offerings include:

    • Mindfulness meditation instruction for individuals, families, and groups as well as for children, adolescents, and adults.
    • Guidance on how to bring mindfulness and compassion and other heart practices into daily life to navigate stress, grief, loss, loneliness, sadness, fear, shame, perfectionism, reactivity, and anger as well as to support well-being.
    • Mental health counseling and coaching sessions that incorporate an emphasis on mindfulness and body-centered interventions as well as cognitive restructuring, self-compassion, radical acceptance, and strength-based and person-centered approaches.
    • Trauma-informed, culturally-sensitive, and gender-affirming approaches.
    • Group and event facilitation and/or consultation.
    • Inclusivity, diversity, and anti-oppression training for individuals and groups.
    • InterPlay, yoga, and mindful movement instruction.

Lissa offers virtual sessions in 45 minute increments. Please schedule sessions here with Lissa who will follow up with an intake or introductory form and discussion of sliding scale payment options.

Please contact Lissa if you are interested in coordinating an in-person session or discussing rates and availability for group and event facilitation and/or consultation.