Video Library

Video Library of Practices: Meditation, Qigong, Yoga, Dharma, Embodied Play, Intuitive Movement, & Embodied Radical Care.

Embodied Practices Video Library

In the video library available at, Lissa offers practices exploring meditation, qigong, yoga, embodied play, intuitive movement, and the dharma. The practices are intended to support embodied radical care drawing from ancient practices lovingly stewarded by ancestors and teachers based in Africa, the subcontinent of India, and China. 

To make the video library accessible, there is the option to rent practices for the day offering what you can as well as to purchase a monthly membership for unlimited access to practices. 

Lissa will continue to upload new practices regularly to the video library as well as periodically sharing shorter samples of practices to their you tube channel.

Video Samples

Releasing Stress & Receiving Care Grounding Practice

Guided Tree Meditation

May these practices be of support for you.


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