Lissa (they, them) began practicing meditation and mindful movement guided by the teachings of Buddhism in 2008 and identifies practice as a deep form of love and care. Lissa studies in the Sotō Zen and Theravada Buddhism traditions, is in mentorship for community dharma leadership, and is particularly interested in the intersections of dharma, social justice, and embodied radical care. Lissa is certified to teach mindfulness meditation, yoga, qigong, and interplay (improvisational modalities). Lissa has deep commitment for the practice of writing, which Lissa has found solace in for much of their life.

Lissa has over twelve years of experience in nursing and mental health and is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and mental health integrative medicine provider who believes in offering services from a holistic and decolonized perspective. Lissa is presently in a training for certified functional medicine coaching, which focuses on addressing the root causes of dis-ease. Lissa has completed a number of trauma trainings including a year-long somatic trauma therapy training in Indigenous Focusing-Oriented Therapy (IFOT) that is particularly skillful in caring for complex, intergenerational, and race- and oppression-based trauma.

Lissa shares practices that are inclusive, compassionate, culturally responsive, social justice-oriented, and trauma-sensitive for the wellness and liberation of all beings. Lissa is particularly moved to work with populations less likely to have exposure or access to contemplative practices.

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