Writing and reading are definitely my first loves. I have worked as a journalist and have also had my poetry, articles, and short stories published in various journals and newspapers. I have written via the personal sites flyturtlefly and lissabliss and now am happily writing on this site. I hope you enjoy your journey into my writing world.

photo  by mikejmbyrne.

Favorite Posts


Reflections, Practices, Resources

How to Care for Unworthiness & Invisibility 

Embodied Radical Care for Black Folx

Care as a form of loving rebellion against anti-Blackness

You are precious: practices and reflections

Alone together & not knowing: resources and practices

Intergenerational Trauma & Triumphs – part of the Pleasure Activism series

Here for you: coping with COVID-19

Being with Grief

Watch me bloom on self-expression and speech


—Lissa E.

eric-ward-wejhq4J-UNo-unsplash photo by @ericjamesward

19 thoughts on “Writing”

  1. just wanted to say that i really enjoyed reading your writing on indie bloggers today. you write beautifully. i’m glad i found your blog 🙂


  2. Lissa – Really like your style. Am intrigued that you do creative and medical writing.

    The turtle/butterfly metaphor for intro/extroversion is brilliant.

    Also digging the images … are those yours as well?


  3. I’m so sorry that I haven’t had time to read lately (my most recent post explains). I’ve honestly missed reading, and I can’t wait to really get back so I can catch up!


  4. lissa,
    your writing is quite amazing.
    anytime I read and then have my mind wander back over the words for hours, I know I’ve hit pay dirt.
    good luk with the nursing exam – i too went into a medical field wanting to do nothing but write and photograph the world.
    it was a good idea and paid the bills for 20 years
    but now I’m free to write and shoot and just be.

    if you ever get that literary mag gig, will you publish one of my poems? they are good ones. (if you don’t like your own writing, who else will???) 🙂


  5. I know you’ll fall in love with Asheville. It has such a relaxed atmosphere. We ate outside everyday, and there was music all around us and people painting. It’s honestly one of my favorite places now, and I think we’ll be going back often.

    I hope to catch up on reading this week!


  6. you are an exceptional writer — get your MFA…at least just so you can hone this gift of yours and sate your heart as well.

    i am adding you to my links of faves.


  7. Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I got a new job at a hotel working third shift, so I mostly sleep all day–well, I try to. 🙂 I’m working six days in a row, Saturday being the last of the days, so hopefully I’ll be around sometime after that.


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