may there only be a letting go (poems)

photo by @bantersnaps

May there only be a letting go

May I be with this breath
resting my senses
against the way
the body breathes
rising and falling
in response to the breath’s
comings and goings.

May I be with this body
in the moments
of ease
and the moments
of struggle
this earth body,
this air body,
this water body,
this fire body,
with a love that lets go.

May I find a home
in each passing moment
whether there is joy
or sorrow present.

May I return to this breath,
this body breathing,
as my anchor,
in all of the elements.

And if this
is my last breath
May I let go with love.
And if this
is my last moment
May there only be a letting go.


daniele-levis-pelusi-z6fU6utKdwo-unsplashphoto by @yogidan2012

breathe for me 

we’re so close that i can
hear your breathing. slow
purposeful breaths that
go deep into the pit
of your belly.
you say you don’t feel
fear because of the calm
you breathe deep into your being.

i wish i could tape record
your breaths and play them
at night when i cry so hard
that the air can’t get pass my
throat. the sounds of our
breaths slowly merging
together until they’re one
and i realize life is similar
to breathing: a continuous
cycle of loss and gain.

—Lissa E.

breathe for me is an updated version of a poem circa 2008 which appeared on

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