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Intergenerational Rest and Care

image by @samburriss If we’ve never seen those we are close to centering rest and care, then how can we know that these practices have value? I never had rest and care modeled for me growing up. I didn't know that they were possible until I began a daily practice of mindfulness and checking in… Continue reading Intergenerational Rest and Care

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Blessings for All Beings with Jizo

A blessing is whatever reminds us of the sacred loving presence that shines through all of us. ~ Tara Brach Dear ones, This week I feel called to offer an update to my previous blessing post. I feel continually moved and troubled by all that is arising in the world including the social, racial, and… Continue reading Blessings for All Beings with Jizo

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I Turn to the Body Poem & Practice

I Turn to the Body I turn to the bodyin life and in death. Another Black body killedand played on repeat. Another Black bodya threat just for living. A blow to the body every time. I turn to the bodywhen there's brokenness,ease, grief, joy, confusion, rage, terror,anything, everything. I turn to the body in love.Love… Continue reading I Turn to the Body Poem & Practice

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may there only be a letting go (poems)

photo by @bantersnaps   May there only be a letting go May I be with this breath resting my senses against the way the body breathes rising and falling in response to the breath's comings and goings. May I be with this body in the moments of ease and the moments of struggle this earth… Continue reading may there only be a letting go (poems)

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The Body as Teacher

photo by samuel austin In Leaving it All Behind by Ayya Anandabodhi and Ayya Santacitta, Ayya Anandabodhi writes: THE BUDDHA SAID that everything we need to awaken is right here in this fathom-long body, but most people I know have a lot of difficulty being in their body. That presents a bit of a problem.… Continue reading The Body as Teacher