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Acts of Radical Kindness in Times of Collective Trauma

What happens when you intentionally regard your experience with kindness? ~ Tara Brach image by @anniespratt These times are challenging on a collective level -- losing over 500,000 beings from COVID-19 in the U.S. this past week, systemic racism and oppression, climate crisis, poverty, food insecurity, and so much more.... We absorb the stress from… Continue reading Acts of Radical Kindness in Times of Collective Trauma

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A Safe(r) Space for the Body (Vagus Nerve Practices)

image by @jakegivens How do we create a container for the body that offers care and a felt sense of safety and being held? There’s a part of the body called the vagus nerve which is a cranial nerve whose impact is felt through much of the body. It innervates the muscles of the throat,… Continue reading A Safe(r) Space for the Body (Vagus Nerve Practices)

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Radical Care Check In ~ Winter Blues Edition

image by @rxbn How are you, dear ones? Are you okay? I'm offering an updated version of this post to check in and see how you are as well as offer some information about the winter blues. As the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths continues to grow alongside considerable financial and political strains including… Continue reading Radical Care Check In ~ Winter Blues Edition

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Intergenerational Thriving

In writing this piece, I can hear my grandmamas whispering to me, You can do it, baby. You can heal. You can thrive. I can feel their gratitude, their love, their care radiating through every cell in my being. I am perpetually moved and inspired by the interconnected and intergenerational nature of healing. Every thing… Continue reading Intergenerational Thriving

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Intergenerational Rest and Care

image by @samburriss If we’ve never seen those we are close to centering rest and care, then how can we know that these practices have value? I never had rest and care modeled for me growing up. I didn't know that they were possible until I began a daily practice of mindfulness and checking in… Continue reading Intergenerational Rest and Care

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Loving and Grieving in a Way that Lets Go

image by @n8rayfield As I write this, I find acceptance, grief, love, and appreciation as my companions on this three-year anniversary of the death of my mother. It is a time, a season with good-byes for many of us. How does one be with loss? How does one offer themselves care? How does one not… Continue reading Loving and Grieving in a Way that Lets Go

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choose joy (pleasure activism series)

photo by @corwinthiessen I recommend building the muscle of feeling pleasure, because I’ve noticed the world conspires to keep our attention elsewhere… I’ve practiced noting what works rather than what’s not working, feeling gratitude, letting myself be awed and know it--by beauty, by mystery, by human creativity. If, as was true for me and many,… Continue reading choose joy (pleasure activism series)

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Embodied Radical Care Resources for Black Folx Part II

This week I am revisiting a post that I wrote in honor of Juneteenth to offer space for nourishment and care in coping with the news that none of the police officers responsible for Breonna Taylor's death were indicted or held accountable for shooting her to death while she was asleep in her home. When a… Continue reading Embodied Radical Care Resources for Black Folx Part II