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Beloved Guidance from Ancestors (poem)

A cry for help and refuge heard and responded to by beloved ancestors and Earth image by @kasturi09 Dear ones. We are listening. We see you. We love you. You carry so much. We see world wars in your eyes alone. Where did you learn how to hold so much that is not yours? Can… Continue reading Beloved Guidance from Ancestors (poem)

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A Love Language Decolonization poem

photo by @mareksminder I want to know how to speak my great great great great grand people's tongue. I want to speak it to them like love being spoken into existence on the days that are so still and warm with lavender and sandalwood commingling in the air when I feel them nearby. I don't… Continue reading A Love Language Decolonization poem

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How to Care for Unworthiness & Invisibility

Many people feel not enough and too much at times. This can be a normal way of being for many of us who live in a society designed to make us feel this way for us to feed into the systems of oppression that are the foundation of the land called the United States. How… Continue reading How to Care for Unworthiness & Invisibility

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allow yourself to be held (poem)

image by @peter_mc_greats Allow yourself to be held by this moment and know that those who allow themselves to feel offer space for healing. Feel what joins you here, all the refuges close by, the earth within and around you. Dear one, you are where love ends and begins again with every breath. Surely you… Continue reading allow yourself to be held (poem)

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a heart embrace (poem)

In dedication for all of you, all the places that hurt, all the beloveds we have lost... I am holding you. I am holding all of you in my practice and my loving care. image by @osalom Oh, my heart, I'm here. I know it hurts. I know it's hard. What do you need? To… Continue reading a heart embrace (poem)

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may there only be a letting go (poems)

photo by @bantersnaps   May there only be a letting go May I be with this breath resting my senses against the way the body breathes rising and falling in response to the breath's comings and goings. May I be with this body in the moments of ease and the moments of struggle this earth… Continue reading may there only be a letting go (poems)

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Holding and Letting Go

Please check out this regularly updated post on Coping with The Impact of Covid-19 if you are in need of support. photo by bernideen I have a love to garden deep in my roots. I breathe in flowers sacredly tended to by divine mothers hoping they blossom throughout this lifetime. I wake up unexpectedly sometimes during that late-night,… Continue reading Holding and Letting Go