a freedom jar poem

photo by @wasdrew

A freedom jar 

I wanted to make a freedom jar for you
for all the sections of the heart
where ease and joy, grief and loss,
could find space to be together
without a need to get rid of or change
without a need to hold onto anything
unless it wanted to be held.

Could this be the way we always
are with each other
and everything in life —
a love that both holds and let go?

—Lissa E.

(inspired by Stephen Dunn’s poem Wind in a Jar)

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Published by lissa e.

Lissa's offerings include integrative mental health care, meditation and movement (yoga, qigong, intuitive) guidance, writings, and community facilitation offered in a compassionate, trauma-responsive, and racial and social justice-oriented framework as part of a lifelong mission to reduce suffering for all beings.

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