Supportive Practices + Guided Meditation

An expansion of a section from the post Here for you: Coping with Covid-19 (regularly updated)
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Dear ones,

What brings you comfort and ease? What helps you stay in the present? Stay right here and right now with what is —not off in the past or future where worry, projection, and painful memories lie. What helps you let go? It may vary. It may be many things. It may be noticeably supportive some times and not other times. It may be supportive in the long-term but not in the immediate moment. 

It may be: Taking deep breaths. Humor. Song. Music. Moving the body. Time in nature. Yoga. Meditation. Rest. Reflecting on what you’re grateful for. Journaling. Art. Prayer. Knitting. Spending time in the only space (for some this may be the bathroom) where you can get away from everyone in your home for a few minutes…

It’s not a perfect. Not something that will always “work.” Not necessarily something that will help everyone. It’s a practice, something to explore, to try on, to be patient with, to be with regularly without judgment or expectation, as a form of support.

It’s definitely a time for being with supportive practices. 

Suggestions of helpful practices from Elsipogtog Health & Wellness Centre:


I hope you’re finding time to rest. Time to allow your body to decompress all that’s in the air, all the grief, the rage, the despair, the trauma that’s present. All of those types of energies and emotions can have a collective and vicarious quality that can linger in our nervous systems if there isn’t time for rest, time to relax, time to release.



Consider lying down or resting in a chair, taking in this guided meditation I’m offering as a form of love and support.


Take amazing care.

With love,

—Lissa E.

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