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care as a form of loving rebellion against anti-blackness

image by @erikafletcher Racial and social injustices sadly don't stop even in the face of a pandemic. While the number of those we have lost to COVID-19 has tragically eclipsed 100,000 in the United States, there is always a sense of danger for those with Black bodies and concern if we will be murdered while sleeping,… Continue reading care as a form of loving rebellion against anti-blackness

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you are precious — reflections & experiential practice

image by @mahkeo"All my life I thought there was something wrong with me." These were the dying words of someone's beloved. I heard this shared in a dharma talk by Buddhist teacher Tara Brach. Those words landed deeply in my body with a lingering pause and wonder.What did that person realize in those last moments… Continue reading you are precious — reflections & experiential practice

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radical self-love

I am here with you.  I am here with you, I say to myself in a gentle lullaby. I will keep you safe.   I adore this poem by Ijeoma Umebinyuo. It says so much about radical self-love and its tenderness. "I bathe her, I play her some jazz, I feed her, I weep for her," she writes… Continue reading radical self-love

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Being with Grief

everything's going to be okay, I tell myself. this will pass. I find so much peace in those simple words during challenging times. this will pass. photo by joniwoq Grief has been increasingly present for me. A collective grief for all the beings who it feels like are gone too soon, for the state of… Continue reading Being with Grief