allow yourself to be held (poem)

pietro-de-grandi-y5vLKnZr6Zg-unsplashimage by @peter_mc_greats

Allow yourself to be held
by this moment
and know that those who allow
themselves to feel
offer space for healing.

Feel what joins you here,
all the refuges

close by, the earth
within and around you.

Dear one, you are where love
ends and begins again
with every breath.
Surely you can trust that.

Can you feel the solidity,
the aliveness, of the earth

beneath you,
embracing you,
caring for you
even now

despite all that’s not yet
just in the world?

Allow any weightedness
to be held
by the seas,
the mountains,
the trees,
the passing breeze.

Fear not the despair.
It will return,
like everything else,
to the earth
when it is time.

Give yourself to this
with nothing to hold
but this moment.

—Lissa E.

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Published by lissa e.

Lissa's offerings include integrative mental health care, meditation and movement (yoga, qigong, intuitive) guidance, writings, and community facilitation offered in a compassionate, trauma-responsive, and racial and social justice-oriented framework as part of a lifelong mission to reduce suffering for all beings.

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