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A Love Language Decolonization poem

photo by @mareksminder I want to know how to speak my great great great great grand people's tongue. I want to speak it to them like love being spoken into existence on the days that are so still and warm with lavender and sandalwood commingling in the air when I feel them nearby. I don't… Continue reading A Love Language Decolonization poem

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allow yourself to be held (poem)

image by @peter_mc_greats Allow yourself to be held by this moment and know that those who allow themselves to feel offer space for healing. Feel what joins you here, all the refuges close by, the earth within and around you. Dear one, you are where love ends and begins again with every breath. Surely you… Continue reading allow yourself to be held (poem)

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Being with Strong Emotions & Letting Them Go

Please check out this regularly updated post on Coping with The Impact of Covid-19 if you are in need of support. @thewonderalice Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh on Being with Emotions from The Mindfulness Bell: "We should not be afraid of our feelings and emotions. Sometimes an emotion can be very powerful, like a storm. It makes us… Continue reading Being with Strong Emotions & Letting Them Go

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here for you: coping with covid-19

image by janko ferlič @itfeelslikefilm Resources for Coping with COVID-19: Offerings from Lissa ~ Embodied Heart Mind: ~Regular Blog Posts offering reflections on radical embodied care approaches like this post on Alone Together & Not Knowing Together Resources + Guided Benefactor Practice *** Virtual psychotherapy, embodied wellness coaching, and integrative mental health care. Rates, scheduling, and more info here. *** ~Online Individual and… Continue reading here for you: coping with covid-19

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Holding and Letting Go

Please check out this regularly updated post on Coping with The Impact of Covid-19 if you are in need of support. photo by bernideen I have a love to garden deep in my roots. I breathe in flowers sacredly tended to by divine mothers hoping they blossom throughout this lifetime. I wake up unexpectedly sometimes during that late-night,… Continue reading Holding and Letting Go

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watch me bloom

  I want to move in the direction of my fears. I want to fully speak my truth. I want to speak up against injustice regardless of the risks. I used to leave countless words unsaid out of fear, worry, doubt, and to protect myself. Life is too short to say silent though. And as… Continue reading watch me bloom

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connecting with ancestors

photo by marietjie hemming I like to think our ancestors are rooting us on through life. There is a mindfulness practice from Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh called Touching the earth that I learned while on retreat at Blue Cliff Monastery many years ago where we place our palms in front of our chests in the… Continue reading connecting with ancestors

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Being with Grief

everything's going to be okay, I tell myself. this will pass. I find so much peace in those simple words during challenging times. this will pass. photo by joniwoq Grief has been increasingly present for me. A collective grief for all the beings who it feels like are gone too soon, for the state of… Continue reading Being with Grief

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Pleasure Activism as a Form of Care and Justice

photo by @jeremybishop What happens when we as a collective center pleasure as a form of care, justice and liberation? I have been exploring this concept in my life and also in my offerings particularly InterPlay, deeply guided by the work of  adrienne maree brown and her book  Pleasure Activism. I have found Pleasure Activism… Continue reading Pleasure Activism as a Form of Care and Justice