rest and action

How are you taking care of your hearts right now, dear ones? I hope you are balancing nourishment and rest while engaging in intentional action to support change as you are able.

For ideas about how rest can be one of the factors to support change, check out this post by @FeministSexEd titled How to Rest & Recover While You Fight for Social Change.


This viral video by Kimberly Latrice Jones and the intensity of emotions on display as well as the powerful analysis and summary of 400 plus years of enslavement and genocide has really moved many people.

At the heart of watching this video for me arises a desire for everyone to know the true history of their people, their country, the world in support of decolonization and healing.

I am including information to learn about Tulsa and Rosewood, which Jones mentions in the video. Please see a well-done illustrated article from the Atlantic on the Tulsa Massacre titled The Massacre of Black Wall Street and a short video from Voices of the Civil Rights Movement as well as a detailed article from describing the destruction of the Rosewood community.

Exploring history and being with what’s present in daily life can activate old traumas as well as intergenerational trauma. I wanted to share an article that I posted in late March 2020 about intergenerational trauma and a reminder to take care of yourself in all the ways that you need to support well-being.



I also want to celebrate the Breonna Taylor Law, No-Knock Warrants Banned in Louisville, that was unanimously passed on June 11, 2020.

I’m finding solace in this beautiful song by Abby Dobson called Say Her Name as a homage to Breonna Taylor and all the black womxn murdered whose killers have never been charged or convicted.

black womxn lives matter

For more information on #sayhername and intersectionality, see this video by Kimberlé Crenshaw:


I want to end this post by sharing “Give the Police Departments to the Grandmothers” a poem by Junauda Petrus read in this video:

Please be well, dears. Rest, learn, heal and act as you are able.

—Lissa E.


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  1. Thanks for writing this post and sharing these videos. It really captures how each of us can do our part to support this movement and some strong statements have been made here, so thanks for sharing this eye-opening post.

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