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life is a continuous transformation


What if instead of judging and labeling our experiences, we used them as a vehicle towards our continuous transformation and growth?  We could live instead of merely just exist.

—Lissa E.

photo by harold.lloyd.

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4 thoughts on “life is a continuous transformation”

  1. I too have struggled with crippling shyness and social anxiety that has left me in several terrifying situations in recent years. I have only just started my yoga practice and I can already see a light at the end of my silent tunnel. I read an article that I’ll try to dig up & share about the creative mind being simultaneously introverted and extroverted. Made me want to pull out my old homemade art school tee shirt “right brain
    isn’t wrong” that we wore when we had to write long papers instead of working in the dark room all quiet and focused.
    PS- I enjoy the way you write.


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