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Supportive Practices + Guided Meditation

An expansion of a section from the post Here for you: Coping with Covid-19 (regularly updated) photo by @stayandroam Dear ones, What brings you comfort and ease? What helps you stay in the present? Stay right here and right now with what is —not off in the past or future where worry, projection, and painful memories… Continue reading Supportive Practices + Guided Meditation

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Being with Strong Emotions & Letting Them Go

Please check out this regularly updated post on Coping with The Impact of Covid-19 if you are in need of support. @thewonderalice Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh on Being with Emotions from The Mindfulness Bell: "We should not be afraid of our feelings and emotions. Sometimes an emotion can be very powerful, like a storm. It makes us… Continue reading Being with Strong Emotions & Letting Them Go

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here for you: coping with covid-19

  image by janko ferlič @itfeelslikefilm Resources for Coping with COVID-19: Offerings from Lissa ~ Embodied Heart Mind: ~Blog Posts every Friday offering reflections on radical embodied care approaches like this post on Alone Together & Not Knowing Together Resources + Guided Benefactor Practice *** Virtual psychotherapy, embodied wellness coaching, and integrative mental health care. Rates, scheduling, and more info here.… Continue reading here for you: coping with covid-19