Embodied Play, Care, & Meditation

With Embodied Play, Care, and Meditation, we explore the intersects of pleasure, care and justice and center well-being, enoughness, abundance, and interconnectedness as  forms of liberation from capitalism and systems of oppression. Pleasure Activism by adrienne maree brown (amb) is one of the guides for our practice.

We are supported in letting our inner critics take time off and to allow space for our authentic and spontaneous selves to be free and shine. We are free to be, move, rest, dance, play, pause, sing, share, and notice as is supportive for us. The sound of laughter and the feeling of ease and letting go often fill our space together. It is a form of joy to encourage us all to reclaim our “whole, happy and satisfiable selves” (an amb quote) as a form of liberation for not just us but for all of those whom we come into contact with. For more about Pleasure Activism, please read this blog post.

All are welcome to explore Embodied Play in individual coaching sessions and group offerings.

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What is InterPlay?

Embodied Play is inspired by InterPlay, which was created by Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter in 1989. It is an easy to learn form of creative expression that incorporates movement, sound, music, stillness, and storytelling for exploration of our interconnectedness with all beings as well as our connectedness within and in our lives. It helps us to connect to our bodies and authentic voice as well as bring ease and awareness to our experience. It invites people to learn new things about themselves and others. It can include intuitive, improvisational, and experiential movement as well as mindful communication and sharing in any other number of ways and forms.

Participants may be invited to share about an everyday experience with a partner or small group or may be guided as a group through a series of simple movements and then encouraged to explore their own ways of moving. InterPlay participants are invited to express themselves exactly as they are in the moment and encouraged to release any need to do things perfectly or “right” or to impress others. Through InterPlay’s simple activities which are offered in incremental steps, you are invited to unlock the wisdom within yourself. For more information about InterPlay, please visit interplay.org.