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  • Yoga (pranayama, mantra, meditation, chair, flow, gentle, restorative)
  • Qigong (moving meditation elemental flow)
  • Intuitive Movement (moving in a way that honors the needs and present experience of the body)
  • Mindfulness Meditation (an emphasis on grounding, recognizing, allowing, befriending, and offering care, compassion, joy, and harmony to the body-heart-mind)
  • Dharma Reflections (primarily drawing from Insight Meditation with influences from Zen Buddhism)
  • Embodied Play (intuitive movement, creative expression, mindfulness, dialogue, music)


Upcoming Offerings:
*BIPOC Embodied Refuge– Sundays online excluding Nov 28, Dec 12 & 26, Jan 2
*Movement and Stillness as Care – Wednesdays 6:15-7p EST online Nov 24th & Dec 8th then transitioning to the third Wednesday of each month beginning in January
*Spirit Rock BIPOC Voices Sunday Dec. 12th online
*Aloka Vihara New Years Online Retreat Dec 27th-Jan 2nd — Lissa will offer mindful movement

Guided practices are available on the practice page and via Lissa’s YouTube channel.

Lissa will begin using a video library format to offer guided practices in 2022. Check back for details.

Movement & Stillness as Care: Yoga, Qigong, & Embodied Play

In this practice, we will explore what is present in the body, heart, mind, and any care that is needed. The guidance for the practice will draw from yoga, qigong, and mindfulness meditation and offer time for self-guided embodied play and intuitive movement practices in an offering of care for our bodies and beings. 

The practice can be done seated, standing, in motion and in stillness, and in all the ways and forms that supports your body and needs. This is a trauma-responsive practice offering self and collective care to support processing trauma, stress, and challenging emotions and sensations.

Where: Online via zoom. Closed captioning available.

Sign up via punchpass for Nov 24th & Dec 8th online from 6:15-7p EST

Beginning in 2022, we will meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6:15-7p EST.
Register here for the January 19th date.

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