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What is Embodied Wellness Coaching?

Embodied Wellness Coaching supports folks in a somatic practice of presence and care for their being and experience that allows space for transformation. Coaching invites in inclusivity and freedom in its approach and in its reach as it is not bound by policies that are influenced by the medical-industrial complex and insurance-based models which often perpetuate harm, disparities, and inequities.

Coaching is an opportunity for Lissa to offer the integration of their background in anti-racism and anti-oppression work, decolonial care, Indigenous and ancestral practices, Buddhism, mindfulness meditation, movement, and holistic and integrative care. Lissa’s experience and care is then met and supported with the collective wisdom of the clients and all the histories of resilience and knowledge that they are bringing into the space including their ancestors, guides, and community.

The focus of the coaching session is up to the client and can include an emphasis on mindful movement, meditation, therapeutic practices, holistic care, and/or spiritual engagement. Coaching fees are $150 for an hour session with sliding scale options available for those in need. Coaching is offered in person, virtually, and via phone to allow for geographic location and internet connectivity to not limit engagement in services.

To learn more about if coaching is a good fit for you, please request a free 15-minute video consultation call here. We will respond by sending you intake paperwork via a platform called simple practice (please check junk and promotional folders for the message) as well as message you through the platform to schedule a consultation meeting once the paperwork is completed.

To find out more about Lissa’s other offerings such as psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, and meditation/movement guidance, please visit the offerings page.

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