you are love, beauty, & truth

You are love. You are beauty. You are truth.

In each moment, know that you are enough. Know that the present moment has everything you need in it. Stay present. Live each moment. Be true to yourself.

Have you noticed how when you don’t feel like you are enough, nothing feels enough in your life? You’re constantly striving for something else, something better, something stronger to satiate you yet nothing is ever enough. This is because you have to make a comparison in order to determine if something is enough. Comparisons, in general, have a very diminishing quality. They encourage resentment and discouragement as opposed to forgiveness and acceptance because they have a very external and judgmental quality to them. “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” — Mother Teresa. The same is true for when you judge yourself or compare yourself to others or the past.

Sometimes, we have to empty ourselves in order to feel full. Let go of the thoughts and ideas about yourself and your life that are no longer serving you. Do the work within so that you don’t go without. Define yourself. Define your life. Define your worth.

—Lissa E.

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Lissa's offerings include integrative mental health care, meditation and movement (yoga, qigong, intuitive) guidance, writings, and community facilitation offered in a compassionate, trauma-responsive, and racial and social justice-oriented framework as part of a lifelong mission to reduce suffering for all beings.

4 thoughts on “you are love, beauty, & truth

  1. I was just talking to someone about this today. How we have to let go of our ideas of who we are because that limits our potential for growth! our minds will never comprehend how much we are capable of so why should it try to define us?


  2. I don’t think I realized how often I compared myself to others (or worse my ideal version of me) until I starting doing yoga and reading yoga blogs.

    What a great reminder!


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